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The Founders Arena is a pioneering public-private initiative that aims to create a collaborative ecosystem, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and the local community to foster a supportive and inclusive environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. With its unique blend of startup acceleration and community involvement, the Founders Arena is poised to significantly impact the WealthTech industry and contribute to the growth and development of the Arlington, TX, business community.

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The Founders Arena WealthTech Accelerator offers a unique platform for early-to-growth stage WealthTech startups to accelerate their growth and scale their solutions. Our immersive program is designed to condense two years of product-market fit work into just a few months, providing founders with curated engagements with industry experts and direct buyers of WealthTech products. Through strategic guidance and tailored support, we empower founders to refine their pitches and navigate opportunities effectively, ensuring fruitful conversations that lead to tangible outcomes. Our proven process centers around creating direct opportunities for founders to showcase their solutions to wealth management firms, facilitating faster, better, and stronger growth for our cohort companies.



The Founders Arena is more than just a pioneering WealthTech Accelerator; it's a beacon of community engagement and innovation. We are passionate about fostering entrepreneurship and empowering the next generation of leaders in our community. We actively collaborate with city-sponsored initiatives like the What's Your Big Idea Entrepreneurship Contest for the Arlington Independent School District (AISD), aiming to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit among local students. Through partnerships with the University of Texas Arlington, we cultivate an environment of innovation and creativity, hosting events like hackathons and supporting the Maverick Business Pitch Competition. Beyond formal education, we're committed to providing opportunities for local entrepreneurs and students to engage with our programming, offering valuable exposure and networking opportunities. Additionally, we're proud to offer internships at The Founders Arena for students from the Arlington ISD Dan Dipert Career and Technical Center, investing in the development of future business leaders right here in Arlington.

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The Driving Forces at The Founders Arena: 

Our Team and Board of Directors comprises seasoned entrepreneurs and industry leaders with diverse backgrounds spanning technology, financial services, insurance, and investment banking. With extensive experience in launching and scaling startups and holding senior-level positions at large financial institutions, we bring a wealth of knowledge to support entrepreneurs in navigating the challenges of building and growing their businesses. From spearheading innovation initiatives to managing renowned accelerator programs, our team fosters collaboration, drives innovation, and empowers entrepreneurs to realize their visions.

 Meet Our Team and Board of Directors



  • The Founders Arena (TFA) is a groundbreaking public-private initiative based in Arlington, Texas, with a central mission of fostering innovation in WealthTech and driving local development and innovation across the City of Arlington. TFA launched The WealthTech Accelerator in September 2023 to support revenue generating startups seeking to innovate the wealth management industry. The 16-week program is designed to support and accelerate the growth of selected WealthTech startups by providing them access to resources, mentorship, networking opportunities, and investors.

  • The Founders Arena accelerator is designed for companies that are post-revenue and operating in the early to mid-stages of their development, typically ranging from Seed to Series A funding rounds. At a minimum, we are seeking companies that have successfully cleared the due diligence process with relevant firms to secure business and are looking to further scale and expand their market presence.

  • The typical funding stage of companies in the The Founders Arena is Seed to Series A. Seed funding is the initial stage of raising capital for a startup, while Series A is the first significant round of funding after the seed stage, usually aimed at scaling the business and expanding operations.

  • The Founders Arena is focused on companies operating in the wealth management and financial services sector, which includes a wide range of financial technology (fintech) solutions targeting areas such as investment management, financial planning, wealth management, asset allocation, and other related fields.

  • Yes, The Founders Arena is primarily focused on business-to-business (B2B) companies. These are companies that provide products or services to other businesses within the wealth management industry, rather than directly to individual consumers (B2C).

  • Participating in the The Founders Arena will offer several benefits to Seed to Series A and B2BC companies, including access to industry expertise, mentorship from experienced professionals, resources to scale and grow their business, networking opportunities with potential partners and investors, validation of their business model, and exposure to a wider customer base.

  • The duration of The Founders Arena program will be a 16 week program.

  • The Founders Arena helps companies with business development and market access by providing guidance and support in areas such as market validation, customer acquisition, go-to-market strategies, product positioning, and sales and marketing strategies. This may include mentorship, networking opportunities, and industry connections to help companies gain traction in the market and expand their customer base.

  • The mentorship and networking component of the WealthTech Accelerator involves pairing participating companies with experienced mentors and advisors who can provide guidance, insights, and feedback on various aspects of their business, such as strategy, product development, fundraising, and operations. Additionally, the Accelerator will facilitate networking events, workshops, and industry connections to help companies build relationships with potential customers, partners, and investors.

  • The expectations and requirements for participating companies in the Founders Arena are to be present, expect to actively participate in the program, attend workshops, mentoring sessions, networking events, and make progress towards business goals. Companies are expected to be open to feedback, willing to iterate and pivot their business models,and demonstrate a commitment to growth and scalability.

  • The Founders Arena may facilitate investor connections and fundraising opportunities by providing participating companies with exposure to a network of potential investors, such as angel investors, venture capital firms, and strategic partners. This will include pitch sessions, investor introductions, and fundraising workshops to help companies prepare for and navigate the fundraising process.

  • The selection process for companies to participate in the Founders Arena will include an application and screening process, followed by interviews and due diligence. The specific criteria for selection may vary, but generally, companies with innovative and scalable wealth tech solutions, post-revenue, and in the Seed to Series A stage of funding, with a strong founding team and market potential may be considered for participation.

Board of Directors

Introducing Our All-Star Ambassadors:

The Extended Team Empowering Startups at The Founders Arena

The Founders Arena has curated a network of seasoned industry experts to support our cohort companies in their growth journey. This network, the All-Star Ambassadors, offers a wealth of experience and expertise, providing invaluable guidance, connections, and mentorship to nurture the success of our startups in the dynamic landscape of wealth technology.