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Igniting the Next Wave of Global WealthTech 3.0 Innovation

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Founders Fuel The Future.

Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind the future; with proper support, that future can be realized even more rapidly.  To support this, we established The Founders Arena (TFA), a ground-breaking public-private initiative based in Arlington, Texas, dedicated to co-creating the future of wealth management. Launched in September 2023, the WealthTech Accelerator supports startups at the forefront of revolutionizing the wealth management industry. This commitment to advancing innovation extends beyond WealthTech, driving local development and fostering innovation throughout the City of Arlington.

Our programming empowers entrepreneurs and startups in the WealthTech space to scale their businesses, access valuable resources, and forge strategic partnerships, ultimately propelling innovation and delivering enduring value for clients.

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Our Program is Designed to Help WealthTech Founders

We're proud to have supported our cohort companies in expanding their revenue, network, and industry impact. Our alumni have raised millions in funding, expanded their teams, and transformed the industry. If you’re an early-to-growth stage WealthTech company, we invite you to apply to the WealthTech Accelerator. Our team of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts will provide you with the guidance, mentorship, connections, and resources you need to succeed.

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Refine your business model and receive feedback from prospective clients

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Build a scalable product that meets market needs.

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Acquire customers and grow your user base.

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Secure investors who believe in your vision.

Apply today and take the first step towards building a successful WealthTech company!


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First Of Its Kind.

The Founders Arena is a unique and first-of-its-kind global “go-to-market” Accelerator specifically for WealthTech companies looking to scale across the global WealthTech market. For founders looking to partner with or sell to existing wealth management firms, the WealthTech Accelerator is the right program for your business.

Selected companies will engage in a 16-week program to help scale revenue through direct engagement with wealth management firms, technology distributors, and investors.

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